Once it is established that someone has done something then there is no longer a question of whether it is possible but merely how does one do it!

Brian D. Carr, Ph.D.

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Thanks for visiting our clinic and giving us the chance to get involved. On this page you can view our streaming video library. Here you will find topics on a wide range of issues of health, wellness, and understanding. 

You can choose what video format you want to use to view the file. Files may be viewed in Real Audio or Window Media Format. The Windows Media File format is smaller and quicker to load while the Windows MPEG format is clearer but slower to download. For the  Real Audio format  you may need to download the free player which is available by clicking here.

This library was first launched in September of 2003 so our first offering is limited. Please check back as we add to the listings and find out more about the science of psychology and the art of psychotherapy.

On-Line Library
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Positive Selfishness: Caring 
(and Standing Up) for Yourself
File File    
The Last Lecture   File File File
Healthy Pleasures: From My Backyard File File  
Effective Parenting: Use of Timeout   File   File
Effective Parenting: Caught a Kid Good File   File
Effective Parenting: Negotiation File   File






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