One goes through graduate school learning the intimate details of how to help others...but nothing about how to provide for the business operations. For that you learn in "real-time".

Brian D. Carr, Ph.D.

Professional Resources



Policies and
Mental Health Practices (2004)


Includes comprehensive HIPAA form library

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     Every good mechanic understands the need for good tools that fit the job. Having written policies and procedures offers protection when there is a question of how clinical or business decisions are made. Lacking such documentation opens your practice up to destruction as it limits your ability to substantiate your actions.

Designed to give a easily understood stepwise outline to the major areas involved our "toolbox" will

*Guide you in the initial assessment as to existing practices and documentation
*Pinpoint those areas of business operation where you have "gaps" that significantly increase your exposure for legal action
*Provide you with specific documentation of policies and procedures easily customized for your practice

Policies addressed in our Practitioner's Toolbox include:
*Administrative and Clerical Staff 
*Professional Staff      *Clinical Service 
*Business Practices    *HIPAA Documentation and Compliance   

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