One goes through graduate school learning the intimate details of how to help others...but nothing about how to provide for the business operations. For that you learn in "real-time".

Brian D. Carr, Ph.D.

Professional Resources


Behavioral Health Associates, P.C. has prepared a series of materials for use in clinical practice. While some of the material is focused on teaching clients improved self-regulation other offers are intended to help the clinician in more practical areas of practice management.

Health and Wellness Audiotapes             

o Cycles of Life: Building In Relaxation
Learn about the nature of the stress cycle and how to disengage from tension in this four cassette series. Each tape will illustrate simple techniques which will enable you to better handle stress at home and work while maximizing your body relaxation. Techniques range from "quick relax" brief muscle relaxation through mind-body meditation incorporating self-hypnosis and guided imagery. An accompanying workbook will lead you through a step-by-step approach in learning to distinguish "stress points" and then apply the most effective technique. Developed by Dr. Carr in his clinical work with over 6,000 medical patients.
Cost: $24.95
o Listening to the Body: Understanding Mind Connections
Understanding the field of psychoneuroimmunology can help you achieve your potential in lifestyle security. Research has demonstrated that a person can control involuntary processes within the body and improve organ functioning. Learn about the importance of internal mind-body connections and how to take advantage of your natural "high" cycles. Includes 3 volume audiotape series with accompanying workbook.
Cost: $19.95
o Healthy Pleasures: Don't Say No!
We are surrounded by healthy lifestyle practices but we often fail to notice them. Understanding the power of music, humor, social support and meditation can significantly affect your lifestyle outlook and satisfaction. Presented in a humorous manner, this overview of important techniques and how to build them into your lifestyle is presented by Dr. Carr. One cassette.
Cost: $10.95


o The Practitioner's Toolbox: Building your Mental Health Practice from the Ground Up (Published 2016)
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Intended for both the new practitioner as well as fill of tips for expanding existing practices. Learn proven methods of developing a referral base. Understand how to develop the "tip of the tongue" technique that places your practice at the lead position in a competitive marketplace. Full of handouts, example letters, forms, and practical suggestions.                         
          Cost: $79.00
o Health Portability and Accountability Act Document Library (Published 2003)
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In April of 2003 the federal government mandates the most sweeping changes seen in how health information was to be handled. With these new laws comes a new for heightened documentation. This exhaustive collection of HIPAA compliant forms represents one of the most extensive libraries of such forms that is available. Don't wait for mistakes to happen. Comes with decision tree that guides what form is needed and when.                        
          Cost: $89.00
o The Practitioner's Toolbox: Policies and Procedures (Published 2004)
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Working “without a net” in terms of not having written policies and procedures can leave the practitioner in a precarious position when their professional or business practices are challenged. Yet there are no major publications that offer such direction that are focused on the unique setting of the mental health practice . This manual offers an overview of written policies and procedures essential for practice management. Recent mandated insurance reviews using specific checklists are discussed.  Personnel issues including employment screening, file components and training documentation are covered. HIPAA requirements, forms, and a decision-tree are highlighted.

Cost: $79.00

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