Helping people to develop a wide range of coping skills is provided in individual, couple, family, and group counseling. Read about my approach to life's problems and what you can expect to accomplish. Learn about effective means of dealing with stress by improving "active" and "rest" phase strategies that fit your lifestyle.

 Psychological Testing

Psychologists are experts in the measurement of personality, life stress, and internal abilities such as cognitive and emotional intelligence. Find out how you can gain a sense of your abilities and what might work best for you in your unique situation. Explore what alternative solutions are available to you by the creation of your psychological profile.

 Hypnosis and Virtual Reality

While there are many misconceptions about how hypnosis and other imagery work these techniques have been recognized as effective by the American Medical Association and National Institutes of Health. Read about how instruction in these techniques can guide your life journey and help you overcome negative habits and outlook.

Resources for your Review by Dr. Carr

The Art of Now  (MS Word)   (Adobe PDF)
Internet Blogs: Ethical Issues 
(MS Word)   (Adobe PDF)
By Way of Grace
(MS Word)   (Adobe PDF)
Compassion Fatigue   (MS Word)    (Adobe PDF)
Headaches     (MS Word)     (Adobe PDF)
Hypnosis and Cancer     (MS Word)     (Adobe PDF)
Suggestion/ Imagery Workshop
 (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)
Migraine Diet     (Adobe PDF)
Our National Health Care Plan     (MS Word)   (Adobe PDF)

News & Updates:
Virtual Reality Therapy offers new solutions to old problems. Click Here.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is the use of powerful rapidly changing magnetic fields to induce electric fields in the brain by electromagnetic induction without the need for surgery or external electrodes. Click Here.


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